Saturday, March 6, 2010

Epinoisis Software

Digital Ear® analyzes a live or recorded solo performance (e.g. a singing voice, a saxophone solo, or any other musical instrument) and converts it into a standard MIDI file! This file can be played back by any synthesizer with a different voice of your choice, or you can import it into your favorite sequencer or notation software (e.g. Cubase VST, Cakewalk, Sonar etc. ) for mixing with other tracks, automatic transcription, or further processing. Digital Ear reads standard .wav files or accepts live microphone input.

MagicFlare® is a Windows application that creates Flash text effects in seconds. MagicFlare® comes equipped with 101 EFFECTS! Use these effects on your web site, add a link, modify the colors, text, size and make an impressive banner or an introductory page! Creating high quality Flash movies has never been so simple.

Chameleon® is a software that can change the color scheme of your whole website in just seconds. Want to change the contrast of the whole page? make the colors warmer, or give a complete twist to the colors of your site? Chameleon® can do this a snap! Until now, the only choice you had was to manually process all the images of the page one by one. And not only that: you also had to modify the color of your text, links, tables, background etc. And what if the result was not good? You had to start over.

Sitebeans® is a collection of unique, professionally designed website templates.
* Each template is a complete multi-page website
* Easy change of site navigation from a single text file!
* Original distinctive artwork and high quality eye-popping graphics.
* Always fresh as we update our designs frequently.
* Ready-to-use, instant download.
* Just add text and you are ready to go!

The easiest way of making your mobile phone fun and trendy.
Ringophone®: has a huge selection of ringtones for your mobile phone. Change that boring ringtone with one of the many quality ringtones that has to offer.
Ringophone® can send the ringtone to your cellphone in just seconds. No matter where you live on the planet. Our network covers more than 150 countries worldwide!

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